August 23, 2016

IDEA up 7% on some crazy rumour

This is the chart followed by a swift denial from the management.

Regrettably, CNBC-TV18 have put out a wrongheaded baseless story stating that Idea is in talks with Vodafone on stake sale.  This is absolutely untrue and preposterous.  There is no such intent.  We request you not to be swayed by such motivated feed.  Do not lend any credence to it.
Thank you for your understanding and support.
Best regards,
Dr. (Mrs.) Pragnya Ram
Group Executive President - Corporate Communications & CSR
What is interesting is the use of the word "motivated".
Since CNBC TV-18 is owned by the Reliance Group whose Reliance Jio launch is imminent,did the TV channel deliberately run a false story?
Or is it just a normal day's job for the fine folks at CNBC ?

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