August 16, 2016

Is Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Now Affecting The (US) Election?

.. the Dilbert Blog has another explanation: Trump isn’t an idiot, he’s a clown genius of sorts who is using, as Adams puts it, “weapons grade” persuasion skills. According to this theory, Trump realizes that no one makes decisions rationally (you only think you do), so therefore Trump appeals to your emotions and sense of identity, the things that actually impact how you vote.

I’ve been telling ATL readers about Adams early and often: here, here and here to be exact. And over the course of the last few months, Adams has been popping up on other mainstream sites including a recent interview on The Ringer (highly recommended). It looks like he’s more than tripled his Twitter following, and the number of people engaging with him is staggering.

I am now beginning to see signs that Adams is actually affecting the election. Adams, himself, is even wise to it. On a recent blog post, he listed potential events that could affect the outcome of the election e.g. another email leak, the debates or a terror attack. #7 on his list: “I (Scott Adams) take sides.”

My guess is that Adams is affecting the outcome, and not just because Trump’s people are probably subscribed to his RSS feed, but because of something more basic: he made it okay to rationalize Trump’s behavior.


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