August 11, 2016

RBL Bank Employees hit the Jackpot

The public issue of RBL Bank  opens between 19 August,2016-23 August, 2016 with a price band between 224-225 Rs/share.

RBL Bank has a very generous ESOP program which can issue Stock Options upto 12 % of the Bank’s Equity.

As such,employees are keenly awaiting the listing as it will convert many of them into multimillionaires

Eg., the CEO owns Rs.118 crore worth options!

Some key employees who will be laughing all the way to the Bank (literally !) are:

Name of Employee# Of Options Granted# Of Options Exercised# Of Options OutstandingValue (In Crores)
Vishwavir Ahuja5,252,9003,021,6702,231,230118.19
Rajeev Ahuja3,502,9001,927,6701,575,23078.82
Shanta Vallury1,271,900753,130518,77028.62
Naresh Karia1,028,400553,730474,67023.14
R Gurumurthy1,852,2501,071,065781,18541.68
Joginder Singh Rana970,650790,895179,75521.84
Andrew Gracias1,851,650820,4951,031,15541.66
Manoj Rawat802,150297,425504,72518.05
Satish Dhawan646,650389,195257,45514.55
Sandeep Thapliyal796,100586,700209,40017.91
Surinder Chawla886,100484,200401,90019.94
Sanjay Sharma426,100189,200236,9009.59
Harjeet Toor951,100352,700598,40021.40
Rana Vikram Anand750,000381,300368,70016.88
Sunny Uberai460,500186,500274,00010.36
Rajeev Dewal225,50020,000205,5005.07
Amareesh Gulati700,500150,000550,50015.76
Neeta Mukerji650,0000650,00014.63
Brijesh Mehra1,000,00001,000,00022.50
Vinay Tripathi54,00020,26033,7401.22
What were you doing when RBL Bank was recruiting?
And these are faces behind the names... 

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