August 26, 2016

Trading Tricks Templates


Make these kind of templates and stick them up near your desktop computer or maybe on a wall where you will see them everyday.
At market bottoms look for bullish candles and at market tops look for bearish candles. A good BOF generally follows this.

After the open the market goes in a TTR and suddenly breaks out violently leaving you without a trade. In such cases, you can place buy stop or sell stop order and thus you will not miss a trade.

The one below will help beginners who have just started trading decision point method. A pair of 8x21 ema's can do a fantastic job of picking up good trades. The advantage is that it eliminates the thinking process a bit and becomes kind of "auto" - once all the conditions are satisfied, go and make the kill.


  1. Dear KPL.

    This blog is renamed. Any information that you can share?


    1. It is not renamed... blog is deleted. Silly to delete the complete blog.

      Anyway, his concepts are based on price action trading made popular by another person.

      Visit and download the ebook.